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Hardware-software complex Bioscanner Wellness is an advanced technology device for whole-body examination

Technologies of the complex «Bioscanner Wellness»


It is an indispensable method for choosing a diet, physical activity type and level. The method enables to understand the cause of being overweight (for example, due to an accumulation of adipose tissue or body fluid), control the muscle gain during the training. It identifies metabolic disorders, risks of their occurrence, defines the physiological age of the person. It facilitates the prognosis of sport results and the estimation of the training level of athletes. More


Heart rate variability (HRV) is the gold standard of autonomic nervous system state assessment. In the medical field the measurement of HRV is used for near-patient testing of the current functional status, early detection of exhaustion, for health-improving and rehabilitation procedures effectiveness control. In the field of sports medicine the method enables to assess the preparedness for the next training and calculate the optimum physical activity. More


Photoplethysmography offers the possibility of assessment of vascular tone, revealing the signs of stenosis, sclerosis and other pathology of vessels as well as estimation of the heart function indirectly. The method also allows to calculate the haemodynamics of fine blood vessels (microcirculatory bloodstream), define contraindications to conducting some types of health-improving and cosmetic procedures or training. More


This is a method of complete and rapid whole-body examination. It helps to diagnose the strains and disorders in various body areas and organs. The assessment reports given by the software allow to control the effectiveness of the chosen training program or rehabilitation procedure. More


This is the most common method of assessment of general state of a person’s cardiovascular system. The method allows to check the heart function in a quick and accurate way, identify indications and contraindications to training, health-improving procedures as well as choose the individual rehabilitation program. More


The automated working station Medscanner BIORS and the hardware-software complex Bioscanner Wellness make it possible to carry out the ECG contour analysis. This module is intended for finding diagnostically significant points on ECG graph as well as calculation of the cardiogram parameters. The obtained data help to detect different heart diseases. More


HSC «Bioscanner Wellness» allows:

  • to have a proper assessment of physical well-being, training level, exhaustion level, stress level and spare capacity of the body;
  • to detect disorders of different organs even at early stages when the person does not have evident symptoms of a disease;
  • to determine the cause of overweight, choose a weight improvement program, assess the diet and training adequacy with their possible adjustment;
  • to choose individual rehabilitation or training plan with continuous control of their running and their well-timed adjustment.

Complex operation principle

You need to place the special sensors on the body and run the examination software using one of the five highly-sensitive techniques.

Scanning of organs and systems is run automatically.

Upon completion of the computerized assessment, the software draws a conclusion about the health condition by means of visual images and recommendations for nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention etc.

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Bioscanner is targeted at:

  • medical establishments for performing public health examination
  • patients of health centres and other recreation and rehabilitation centres for developing an individual rehabilitation program
  • professional athletes for improving their physical fitness and sportive achievements
  • fitness centre and gym members for choosing the optimum type and exercise mode
  • home users for treatment and self-treatment monitoring
  • assessment of people health state in different communities (drivers, the military, students, etc.) to estimate their working capacity.

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