We work for your health

О компании БиорсWe are the BIORS company (http://www.biors.ru). Since 1999 we have been developing and implementing innovative medical products. Our solidary team is a collective of the highly professional adherents, experts of their job: engineers, physicians, programmers. Our goal, like any company, developing and manufacturing the high-technology medical devices, is to maintain and restore the human health. Well, that is not really right. The idea, that BIORS professionals have been implementing year after year, is a maintaining and restoration of every person’s health and wellbeing. That is why we decided that it is time to develop not only the medtech for the medical specialists, but the devices for common use as well. The devices of such type can help any person to use the medical technologies in everyday life.

The future is coming today

Smart devices have long been our helpers. A smart watch is able to count the pulse and amount of expended calories, a fitness band tells us, how many steps we have done. However, such quite primitive technology tools can hardly be recommended as devices for the body examination. Medical devices must be constructed by the professionals having skills and knowledge in the field of medical products.

Until now, the technologies capable to detect abnormalities in the body and accurately evaluate the results of different dietary regimens, procedures or training, have been under the supervision of medical professionals. The personal diagnostic tool we could see only in the science-fiction movie about the future. You just must connect the sensors to the body to get the examination results and recommendations… Simple, reliable and convenient. And most importantly, it is possible already.

Unsettled? Set it.

Bioscanner Wellness is a truly revolutionary device, which helps any person, even who is far from the medical field, to get information about his or her own body and “set” it properly. Five rapid, accurate and painless methods of diagnostics are designed for the whole-body examination. Each of these methods is used in medical establishments, however applicability of the device is clearly much wider than detection abnormalities in organs and systems.

The human health and appearance, physical condition, are two sides of the same coin. Bioscanner Wellness helps to control every aspect of health. It allows to effectively assess the body abilities and resources, emotional and physical condition. Do you feel chronic fatigue or an unclear whole-body pain? It may be the onset of a disease, emotional stress or overfatigue, and the device can determine the cause. Do you need to develop the individual rehabilitation or excess weight reduction program? It is easy. Do you need to identify contraindications to the certain type of training or assess the preparedness for the next training? All this is possible. The whole examination using Bioscanner takes only 15 minutes, the part wellness screening lasts from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

For the health and a perfect body

Of course, it is too early to say that the modern medical devices can substitute for physicians. However, the portable and easy to use Bioscanner is capable of a lot of things. Its main purpose is a fully functional monitoring and the body state assessment. It sensitively define changes of the body’s internal balance and registers any abnormalities even when there is no evident symptoms of disease. When it is necessary to monitor the treatment process or assess the efficacy of rehabilitation procedures, adjust dietary regimen or training program, the device helps to know what needs to be changed. However, it is worth remembering that in case of a stable detection of significant abnormality over several days, it is necessary to seek a medical evaluation for diagnosis specification.

Like other medical devices, Bioscanner Wellness can be used in different communities or in a corporate way for personnel examination. It allows to assess working capacity, perform the routine physical of militaries, pilots or drivers before departure for route, carry out the wellness screening in different collectives, including children’s groups. The device helps coach to select an effective training level, allows health centre personnel to develop an optimal rehabilitation program and helps any person to reach the excellent well-being and the desired physical fit.

Get to know, make things happen. You are already in the future. And it is just the beginning!